sâmbătă, aprilie 14, 2007

Ochii albastri (Blue eyes)

Câteva prelucrări prin care am vrut să evidenţiez cât de pătrunzători sunt ochii albaştri iar prin metoda aleasă cred că am reuşit acest lucru.
Modelul este Andreea şi cea de-a doua poză se poate vedea neprelucrată în revista FHM din aprilie, pag. 26.

Şi o altă prelucrare mai puţin contrastantă

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  1. Salut florian,
    Tu as de la chance, car je suis a la faculte, et je suis avec deux amies qui vont te donner leur avis en anglais :
    I am a German Erasmus Student and Sam has asked me to give you my opinion concerning your fotos. bien. :-) They are great ! I really love the colour distribution. But I guess in the first picture it would have been better to leave everyhting in black and white,because the blue eyes are a huge contrast. I don't exactly know why,but in the second picture it is really amazing.

    New Opinion: Girl from the USA now!

    Greetings! In general I think that the two photos are fantastic they both capture a different perspective. The first photo demonstrates beauty but it lacks orginiality. I liked the fact that you tried to bring a bit of personality to the subject by making her eyes blue, but it lacked something and I wasn´t wowed! I thought the second one was a bit better I liked the mystery it provided, the hair covering her eyes added a bit of mystery to the picture and the coloring of the eyes was very nessasary for this one because it gives a sense of exotisism. Good job anyway! I liked the black and white and I liked the background being blurry because it kept the focus on the subject! Well that is my opinon hope I helped somewhat!



    Hey Florian:

    I´m Isabel from Huleva, Spain, the south. i was watching your creation and i think is great, the blue eyes efect is very impacting and the efect to my eyes is diferent from other photos so congratulations for your job.


    Salut flo, c'est encore sam, maintenant mon opinion :
    J'aime bien, c'est une bonne idee dans ce contexte. Mais j pense que les yeux sont trop bleu. Un bleu moins intense serait mieux, car ici, l'effet perd de son effet! Je pense que cela doit etreun effet qui sert a nous faire evader de la realitee, mais il doit absolument nous laisser dans la realite. Parceque si il nous retire de la realite, alors, on auraient auçime plus de modifications...
    Ainsi, la seconde foto me plais plus. Peut etre que dans cette deuxieme foto, les cheveux masquent la couleur et donc l'atenue.
    Mais c'est vraiment pour critiquer ! Les photos sont tres bonnes.
    Merci encore!


  2. Hi Simonetta, Isabel and Sam!

    Thanks for your opinion. The colors depend also by the monitor. Yes, I tried to make something unusual, unreal, because all the people take ordinary pictures. In my opinion, a photographer artist must have a different vision and I try this. Certainly maybe I didn’t touch what I had been thinking to obtain.

  3. Salut!
    Mi se pare cam exagerata prelucrarea.... nu crezi?

  4. Da, am exagerat, ochii erau albastri si in poza originala dar eu am mai saturat culoarea si i-am modificat tonul putin.
    Asta pentru a fi mai patrunzatori, hipnotizanti, ireali, sa depaseasca mult limita unei poze banale :) In timpul prelucrarii am vazut si cum arata fara saturatia exagerata si nu prea mi-a placut.

  5. Saluty, Florian!
    Super tari pozele! Intr-adevar, putina exagerare nu strica, mai ales ca tematica era blue eyes. Totusi, imi place mult mai mult ultima, cea in care constrastul nu este chiar asa de mare.


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